Email sent from ec2 instance getting marked as spam

Problem: If you have a web application, you need to be able to send various mails to the end-users – alerts and warning messages to be sent to the administrators, welcome/account activation message on account creation, password reset messages to users etc.  If your application is running on EC2 instance, these emails generally get tagged as spam by ISPs and email providers.

Explanation: To understand why this happens, check the following articles-

Sending Email from EC2

Why are email messages sent from EC2 undelivered or flagged as spam?

Configurable Reverse DNS for Amazon EC2’s Elastic IP Addresses


  1. Amazon provides its own email service Amazon SES. However, if you requirement is simple and limited to what is given in the Problem description, this seems like an overkill.
  2. Let Amazon help you white-list your Elastic IP so that your emails are not tagged as spam.  For this you need to fill the form mentioned in Configurable Reverse DNS for Amazon EC2’s Elastic IP Addresses article and Amazon takes care of the rest. (The link to the form cannot be posted here as it requires you to be logged into your AWS account.)

Other references:

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